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Confessions of a Beauty Blogger!

Why hello there, you lovely lot! Today's post is a little different than usual but I thought it would be fun to share with you my biggest beauty bad habits. Wow that's a mouthful... But anyway, I'm sure we all have one or two beauty sins that we can relate too so, sit back, grab a cuppa and a biscuit and enjoy laughing at my shameful beauty behaviour.

Collecting Franchise Bags
This sounds really strange I know.. But in Manchester to my knowledge there isn't any franchise beauty stores that I know of in the area. So when I have visited London and finally had the chance to go into a Benefit store or a MAC store I actually keep the bags as decor in my room. I still have my receipts from the first time I visited the Benefit store as they wrote my name on them! I have bags from Benefit, MAC, VS Pink, Victoria's Secret, M&M's World and Space NK.

To be honest, I am naturally quite a lazy person anyway but I am especially lazy when it comes to my make-up. Forcing myself to clean my make-up brushes isn't the easiest task in the world. I aim to do them once a week but a lot of the time sometimes this may stretch to two! Which is really bad, I know!!

Another natural trait of mine is hoarding. I honestly keep everything. I still have birthday cards from my 5th birthday lurking around in a draw full of birthday cards in my room. When it comes to make-up, I am the same. I definitely look past the sell by dates on my make-up. I still have a couple of lip balms from a couple of years ago, they seem fine to me but to the rest of the world. I know that is completely disgusting.

Under The Influence
The blogosphere is definitely influential for me. People post countless reviews day in and day out and if they've been written well enough and the photographs ooze every bit of beauty out of the product then that's it I am sold. I will make it top of my list of beauty bits to buy and within a month I'll most likely own it.

Believe In The Hype
Quite similar to the above, if a product is hyped up about that much I will feel the need to have it in my life. The perfect example would be the other day I made a cheeky MAC order and of course Velvet Teddy was on the list. I have been into Selfridge's countless times and it is constantly out of stock, but of course with how hyped up it is I will buy it one way or another.

I'm a Youtube Star?!
No, I'm not. But between me, my bedroom and my camera I am. There has been countless times I have been that bored I have sat there and filmed some kind of YouTube video whether that be a morning routine, beauty tutorial or my make-up collection and storage at some point I have filmed it. Watched it back and naturally deleted it. 

I Buy To Blog
Well, don't we all? One of my worst habits when it comes to beauty shopping is thinking in the back of my mind "Hey Toni, you could definitely include this on your blog!" Whether that may be a make-up look or a review, that thought tends to cross my mind many times let me tell you. 

Personal Pressure
Now last but not least comes the added pressure I pile upon myself immensely. As a beauty and fashion blogger, I feel my make-up should look good all the time or my outfit has to look nice. Of course, that will not always happen. There has been many a time when I've had a bad make-up day or I'm not really liking my outfit as I threw it on in a rush. But as in the back of my mind I know I'm there writing to people how to create a look or acting as if I know what I'm talking about when it comes to fashion and beauty then naturally I criticise my appearance harshly on a day to day basis. 

So that was just a few little beauty bad habits I could come up with which I tend to carry out on probably a weekly basis.. oops! I hope you liked this post lovelies and let me know if you could relate to any in the comments! Until next time,

What is your biggest beauty bad habit?

Toni, x


  1. I'm definitely a beauty hoarder too, I wouldn't like to think of the number of lip glosses/sticks I own!

    megan xxx

    1. I have far too many lip products, it's getting a little out of hand haha! xxx

  2. i am very lazy when it comes to removing my makeup at night.

    1. I hate getting ready for bed, it's so much effort taking my make-up off! I have to physically force myself to do it haha x

  3. This! Literally just this! I'm the exact same, I hoard so much stuff I don't need for eg. packaging off products and makeup brushes..like why do I feel I need these :') Same with washing brushes I am dreadful and sometimes I may leave mine for more than two weeks which I know terrible! I've also definitely made too many purchases based on reading somebody's blog post. Glad I'm not alone!
    Great post, really enjoyed it :) x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

    1. Aw I'm glad you enjoyed it lovely, haha we're all in this togetherrr! Omg I completely forgot about packaging!! I got the limited edition real techniques Nick's picks set for my birthday last month and I kept the foam board the brushes were placed it because I thought it was pretty and now it's just lying around doing nothing in my room ahahaha! x

  4. Nice post dear!
    I use almost the same color of eye shadow everyday. I guess i'm lazy when it comes to learning makeup

    1. Thanks lovely! And haha I'm the same, if I find a combination I like I tend to stick to that for the longest time ever! x

  5. I literally can relate to every single one! I am so lazy when it comes to washing my brushes and I keep franchise bags too! Haha great post :) xx

    Leah Talks

    1. Ahh franchise bags are just gorgeous aren't they?! Glad you enjoyed the post lovely! Xx

  6. I'm trying not to hoard and if something's not being used just to throw it! I also find it helps to wait a few weeks and see if I still want something before I buy :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine || Palette Giveaway: Urban Decay, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced

    1. Great tips, thank you haha I should definitely try and follow those rules in the future my hoarding is becoming too bad!! Xx

  7. We share most of these, and I'm especially bad at not washing my brushes, eek. For that reason I got a spray cleanser for brushes, so I don't feel so bad :)


    1. That's such a good idea!! I definitely might consider investing in one of those haha! x

  8. That mandylou manizer is my go to on an everyday basis :)



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