New Years Resolutions

Another year is finally over. Another story closes as a new novel begins, ready and awaiting for you to open its first pages tomorrow. 


Turning Twenty!

Last Friday I turned 20. Yes me, twenty years old.. really! I can't quite believe it myself. I've learned a lot from my teenage years and I'm looking forward to embracing my twenties and everything that they have to offer. But at the same time.. I'm also seriously so not ready to 'adult'.


A Day At The Manchester Christmas Markets

When you think of Christmas in Manchester, I'm pretty sure that the very first thing that comes to mind is the infamous German Christmas markets.


Festive Peppermint & White Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is seriously my favourite thing ever to make. It requires no baking, takes no more than 10 minutes and the options are seriously endless. Last month I shared with you all the recipe for my Autumnal themed bark; infused with peanut butter, salted caramel fudge bites and sprinkled with a dusting of cinnamon. You all seemed to love it (I can't blame you, it was delicious - Ha!) and so I thought, why not create a festive edition?!

candy cane white chocolate


New Beginnings

floral embroidery

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American babes out there! I wish that Thanksgiving was more of a thing over here in the UK. I think it's so important to set aside a day each year where we reflect on everything good that has happened to us over the past 12 months. A day where we remind ourselves of all the good in our lives whilst coming together with our friends and families. We've adopted Halloween from America, maybe in five years time we will have invested into the idea of Thanksgiving too. 


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a spooktacular day whatever it is that you have got planned. I've spent my day with a recruitment agency in a mock assessment centre, as I'm applying for placements this year it's been a practice day to get a taste of what it's like to be assessed by real graduate recruiters - Scary!! Besides today's genuine scary experience, here's a list of everything that I simply love about Halloween.


Last Minute Halloween Movie Night Snack Idea - NO BAKE!

Shoutout to all of my last minute lazy guys and gals out there! It's no secret that I'm far from an expert in the kitchen but when it comes to easy, no bake recipes; I'm your gal!


Pumpkin Picking at Kenyon Hall Farm

This past weekend me and my family headed down to Kenyon Hall Farm for a spot of pumpkin picking. This was the first time that I have ever visited a pumpkin patch and so as you may have already guessed, I was pretty darn excited about it. With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to get into the autumnal spirit other than spending the day picking pumpkins and drinking PSL's from fine china. (I did have photos of this but unfortunately they are on my phone which has broke! I honestly don't know how I'm coping without it, I'm too much of a 21st century gal!) 


5 Goals To Complete Before 2017

According to howlongagogo.com, as I am writing this there are currently 2 months, 16 days, 13 hours and 22 minutes until January 1st 2017. Now that isn't a strenuous amount of time to complete any far reaching goals, however I find that setting myself small targets as often as I possibly can is the best way to review my progress and help larger goals seem far more achievable in the long run. 
Read on to discover how I plan on completing my 2016...


15 Reasons Why Autumn/Winter Slays Spring/Summer

October to December is hands down my favourite time of the year. All of the festivities in the lead up to the Christmas period fill the latter part of the year with excitement. Even though I do adore the gorgeous summery weather and brighter, colourful clothes there's just something about the crisp autumn air which steals my heart each and every year.
Read on to discover just why autumn/winter is simply the best...


Fitness | Post Summer Motivation

'Bikini body' season is over. Alas, all hail sweater weather season! The time of year where all of our woolly, oversized knits make their way to the front of our wardrobes after being tucked away for the best part of a year. The time of year where tight clothing is a thing of the past. My body is able to enter into hibernation mode until next summer and I no longer need to worry about how many rolls my stomach can produce when sat down as they are safely tucked and hidden away behind my oversized, knitted jumper. 

I think it's safe to say that autumn/winter is the time of year when people begin to become complacent and lazy in regards to fitness. Fitness shouldn't have to be about 'bikini body' season. It should be about doing it for yourself. Keeping yourself in shape because being healthy makes you feel good on both the inside and outside. 
Read on to discover how you can beat the winter fitness blues...

nike fitness flatlay motivation gym trainers


Let's Talk Femcare

In association with Veeda

Feminine care and sexual health are hands down two of the most taboo viewed topics in the world of blogging and social media today. Even in day to day life I feel it's an issue which I need to keep discreet. We say "It's my time of the month." or "I'm on.." God forbid if we were to turn around and publicly announce "Sorry I'm feeling a little unwell, I'm on my period."


My First Flying Experience

Hello, my name is Toni and I am 19 years old. Almost 20, in fact. And as hard as it may be to believe, I really did only experience my first ever flight this past month. And this is that story, of my very first experience...


DIY Polaroid Notice Board

In association with Ocean Finance & John Lewis

This summer, John Lewis and Ocean Finance challenged me to get snap happy and save memories of the world around me using the power of the polaroid. With back to school season in full swing I decided to add a personal touch to this DIY cork board, showcasing a few of my memories from summer 2016 whilst moving forward into the latter part of this year. Want one for your own office?! Then here's what you need to do:


Make-Up For On The Go

When searching for beauty products, the ultimate goal is to discover something that not only works well but lasts well too. Staying power is super important to me as a consumer. It would be completely pointless to spend £50 on a foundation that by midday has become patchy and melted halfway down my face. For those unfortunate incidents where your make-up is looking a little lack lustre by 4pm, these are the products that have got you covered...


Why It's Okay To Not Live In Student Halls

September marks the beginning of my second year at university. When I get asked which university I'm attending, people often find it odd that I stayed in my hometown. University for many is a time to spread your wings and leave the nest as you begin to develop your independence and venture out into the adult world. Which I can completely understand. But it's when people tell me that because I am living at home that must mean that I'm missing out on the complete university experience. And so, if like me you are beginning university this month and have chosen to stay at home; this is why it's okay not to live in student halls...


The September Refresher

Making the most of your back to school season motivation.

back to school motivation all year round september

Generally I like to view September as quite a positive month. There's a new lease of motivation lingering the air as the back to school season brings both a fresh start and a chance to renew our goals for the next academic year. I always return to school/college/university with an extremely positive attitude and a genuine excitement towards studying and starting again by learning something new. 


How To Bounce Back After A Set Back

With August being a month filled with results and a time where many of us (Those in the academic part of our lives especially!) are hoping to progress onto the next level of academic success come September; receiving a 'knock-back' or a result you aren't too happy with can leave many of us feeling extremely distressed and downhearted. Throughout the year, teachers often stress to us the importance of passing our exams and passing them well at that. It's lovely to see that our teachers have high hopes for us as students and want us to do well but I believe that it must also be stressed that it isn't the end of the world either. And so, if you're a little disappointed with your exam results this month or you've recently been knocked back by several job applications, I'm here to share with you today how you can bounce back after that set back. 

motivation after a setback


Coping With Bloggers' Block

When I first began blogging, I would never have thought that I would reach a point of 'boredom'. In fact, I wouldn't consider myself as being bored of blogging. Writing, fashion, beauty and photography are four of my biggest interests in life. I just became stuck in a rut. A continuous cycle whereby I began publishing the same style of posts month in, month out. Each season or annual event I would scroll back to what I had published on the same topic in the previous year. This usually then led to me recreating a similar style of post simply because I knew it had performed well in the previous year. I began to lack the creativity and imagination which I had when I first began blogging. There was no longer a buzz or excitement as from when I had once allowed my head to sit and think and buzz around with so many new post ideas. 

In its shorter version. What I'm trying to highlight here is once you have been blogging a number of years or maybe even months, it's okay to feel stumped when it comes to producing new ideas. It's also okay to rebuild upon old ideas. If you're currently feeling uninspired when it comes to blogging then read on for my top tips on how to defeat that dreaded bloggers' block. 


Online Fashion Summer Sale Picks

I can never resist a good bargain and those e-mails of all the online summer sales which have bombarded my inbox lately, really have caused some damage to my bank account. This year's summer sales have impressed me like no other and with a flight booked 3 weeks from now I was definitely in need of a last minute holiday shop. Carry on reading to discover my must have summer sale picks this season.


Trend Report | Pre-Fall 2016

As we enter into August and you're trying to savour every last second of sunshine and your favourite summer sandals, fashion has got its mindset on the season ahead. As we look back at this year's A/W 2016 catwalk shows we are now able to see which trends will be coming to life and entering into your wardrobe this upcoming season. I've whittled down the pages of fashion's favourite highlights as featured within Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire to create your ultimate pre-fall fashion survival guide. Get ready to delve back into eighties glamour (Thank you Hedi Slimane), indulge yourself in an array of velvet attire and don't throw away your bomber just yet - It's receiving an embroidered overhaul! This is Autumn/Winter 2016. This is fashion.  


Summer 2016 Getaway | Fashion Picks

Set the scene. You've been washed up on a desert island dressed head to toe in attire somewhat similar to that of Jane Porter. Except in this case there's no Tarzan to head to your rescue. Or so it seems.. Upon your arrival you stumble across a message in a bottle (Clichè much?!) encompassing a map of the island. After a long and tiring walk, you've made it to the other side of the island; into a town they call, 'Utopia'. A local resident greets you and offers you a clean change of clothes. You graciously accept this offer and so are directed towards a treasure chest located in the centre of the town. Inside the chest contains your dream desert island outfit. Watch this space Jane, the island is your runway..

Keep reading to discover my dream desert island outfit!


New In: Beauty Haul

Last week I headed to London for the weekend and after a long few months of saving and being on a beauty spending ban, the time had finally come for me to splurge! With trips to Westfield, Oxford St and Covent Garden you can hardly blame a girl for giving into temptation and treating myself to some new beauty goodness. Read on to discover what I bought... 


Packing For A Weekend Break | Tips

As exciting as packing for a trip away might be, alongside all of that excitement usually comes a tonne of stress. Particularly for shorter breaks I always have a bad habit of over packing. The weather has been extremely temperamental in England recently and for my trip to London tomorrow I have no idea whether I'll be dressing as though it's October or it really is July. And so the burning question on everyone's lips is.. jumpers or vests?! 


Happy 2nd Birthday Clarke Couture!

blog anniversary
blogging memories

Last Thursday (July 7th) marked my blog's second anniversary and in just the space of those two years it is overwhelming to me just how much has happened and just how much a little city girl like me has been able to achieve. Providing you all with weekly girly chats on make-up I'm currently loving, the latest fashion trends, my favourite yummy recipes, advice for when times are a little tough and sharing snippets of my day trips; my blog has progressed into my own personal online diary and I simply cannot imagine my life without it. 


July Goals

Happy 4th July to all of my American blogging babes! If you celebrate Independence day, be sure to let me know in the comments below what you got up to today! Isn't my patriarchal lolly the cutest thing?! Although it will probably take me a good week to get through - It's huge! Now, swiftly moving on with the topic of today's post...

Recently I have been suffering from a serious case of the blogger blues. Throughout March and April I took a pretty long break out away from blogging in order to focus on my final few weeks at university (My first year is all complete, woo!) and I was hoping in May once I had finished I would have suddenly found my motivation for blogging and just get straight back into my routine again. Unfortunately it didn't happen. 
It strangely felt like I had just forgotten how to blog. I was so out of practice with the whole scheme of things that it felt like a chore to get back into it again but with my second year anniversary coming up this Thursday (July 7th!) I feel like now is the perfect time to officially return into the swing of things again. To help me along my way, I thought I would share with you all a list of some personal blogging goals of mine; a few things for me to aim for in order to regain my long lost love and drive for the world of blogging.



Having been lucky enough to work with luxury fashion e-tailer Far Fetch (Far Fetch is home to more than 400 independent designer boutiques and global brands, which you can shop to your heart's content!) on several occasions, I was delighted to hear they have now become an official partner of the British Fashion Council trust. If you're unaware of what the BFC trust is, it's a charitable organisation offering opportunities to up and coming budding designers hoping to make a name for themselves within the fashion industry. Founded in early 2011 by co-chairs Tania Fares and Kim Hersov, alongside the Fashion Trust Committee the organisation provides hopeful designers with business support through mentoring and financial awards to assist in the promotion of the art and business of fashion. 

This year alone, the trust has awarded grants totalling £350,000 to 12 lucky designers; some of whom you may already have even heard of! Those include Eudon Choi, Fyodor Golan, Gareth Pugh, Hillier Bartley, Holly Fulton, Huishan Zhang, Marques'Almeida, Palmer/Harding, Phoebe English, Prism, Reijina Pyo and Sibling. 
Previous recipients of the trust fund have used this to contribute towards the development of stores, website/e-commerce and the production of pre-collections. 


Top 3 MAC Lipstick & Lip Liner Combos

If you're a makeup addict then there's probably an 85% chance that you own at least one MAC lipstick in your collection. With a range of formulas varying from matte to lustre and satin to cremesheen, there really is something available for everyone. And if you really want that pout to 'pop' pair with one of the matching lip liners and you'll have those Kylie Jenner looking lips in no time! Plus, you can't forget that ever so famous cake like scent


Smile Your Way Through Each Day!

In association with Aquafresh.

National smile month commences between the 16th May until the 16th June. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of oral health whilst promoting a happy and healthy smile. I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous hamper (see above!) courtesy of Aquafresh and the launch of their newest range 'Aquafresh: Intense Clean'*


Fake Nothing With Gemporia

In association with Gemporia.
Grab yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage and put your feet up as it's about to get real deep on Clarke Couture today. 

Founded by husband and wife; Steve and Sarah Bennet, the pair's joint vision for Gemporia was to create a jewellery brand which embodies individuality, exclusivity and the finest quality. The duo actively work closely with both the charities and communities in the areas where which their gems are sourced to help create a better life for those communities in return for sourcing rare gems in such areas. The sterling silver ring* photographed above for example, features 0.38 carats of blue sapphire sourced from Sri Lanka. I am so grateful to have received such a beautiful item of jewellery, the miniature sapphire stones really reflect the utter minimalist within me. The team is able to give back to such communities through the founding of its Colourful Life Foundation. The charity focuses on providing health and education facilities for the people in the areas in which they work. You can find out more about the charity and its ongoing projects in more detail here

The message of the Gemporia brand is to 'fake nothing' by denouncing the fakes and mass produced synthetics which they believe have confused the jewellery market for generations. I became quite inspired by this message and felt it offered a metaphor for something else. We as women and even men can embody the Gemporia brand as a symbol of confidence, to be yourself and to fake nothing because at the end of the day, nobody can be you better than you, yourself. 

"Gemporia jewellery is for the body, the mind and the soul and you are spiritually naked without it."

And to help spread the positivity of faking nothing and keeping things real, I want us all to list three things about ourselves which we love. I'm keeping things real and being myself because
  • I love my eyebrows. 
  • I love my smile.
  • I love my long hair. 
But keeping it real isn't just about embracing the things you're confident and happy with about yourself. Embracing and accepting the things you aren't as happy with can be a be a big step and I'm personally extremely insecure about most things. But,
  • I love that I can be shy at first. It keeps people intrigued.
  • I love my blemishes because those marks are what make me, me.
  • I love my boobs. Not having a cleavage has always been something I've hated but I can embrace this. I'm able to wear low cut tops without revealing anything. I am able to long and dainty necklaces which fit perfectly down the middle of my chest. 

Love who you are, embrace who you are and most importantly when you wear your Gemporia jewellery look at it as a reminder to 'fake nothing'. 
You can shop my Gemporia ring here.

You can find your perfect ring size by using the Gemporia ring sizer app, available to download for free from the app store. Simply search for 'ring sizer'. The app works simply by choosing your region and placing a ring which fits perfectly on your index finger and placing this onto the circle on the screen which can be made bigger or smaller depending on the size of your ring. The circle which your ring fits perfectly around is the size needed for you. I found this super helpful as I am rubbish at guessing my size online! 
- For reference I am a size 52 in a Pandora ring and ordered a P-Q ring from Gemporia. For more information on ways to find your perfect fit, please visit here.

What do you love about yourself?!
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Exam Season | Relaxation Tips

As exam season is now well and truly underway, it is clear to see that there's an all around general feeling of stress lingering in the air. My cousin is currently sitting his GCSE's and the stress of it all keeps causing him to snap at pretty much anyone who talks to him. I've just completed my first year of university so I do have quite a few years of experience when it comes to revision! Exams can be a really stressful time indeed, as we all pile a lot of pressure upon ourselves to succeed and so if you're currently suffering from a case of the exam blues, today's post aims to help you make some small changes in preparation for the exam which will hopefully ease the pressure and leave you feeling much more relaxed.

Dress 'nice'
This might seem a little odd but if you're able to wear your own clothes to your exam then make sure you choose an outfit that you feel confident in. Although wearing your pyjamas may seem extremely comfortable and appealing, you're only bound to feel like a 'sloth' and if you dress down your mood and confidence levels are more likely to reach a downer too. If you have to wear a uniform to your exam why not put a bit of extra effort into your hair that day or wear your favourite lipstick?! 

Choose your environment carefully
As they say 'a messy workplace makes way for a messy mind.' Try to choose a working environment which is relatively neat and clean where you're able to access any revision tools you need with ease. If you're panicking about where you last placed your calculator in a mound of clothes on your bedroom floor that isn't going to do much good for your stress levels. For me, lighting a candle and having an organised desk space helps to make me feel so much more at ease when revising. 

Take regular breaks
I used to think that revising for more than four hours straight was a good idea. In fact, I would actually panic when I wasn't revising and start thinking about what I should be learning rather than relaxing. I eventually learnt that that was not a healthy way to be revising. Your brain needs regular breaks to process information in smaller chunks, try revising for half an hour then taking a 10 or 20 minute break. In that time why not treat yourself to a snack or watch a youtube video as a well done to yourself for what you have learnt so far. This makes revision so much more bearable if you have something to break it up with, therefore you'll feel less stressed. 

It's a well known fact that exercise helps to release the chemical 'endorphins' which make you happy, making exercise the perfect way to release any stress. It doesn't need to be anything heavy either. You could go for a walk or a light jog, just anything to get the blood pumping, increasing your concentration levels, releasing your stress and boosting your mood. 

Pamper session
You need time to yourself away from your work, seriously it's for your own sanity. I love to wind down after a long day of hard revision by either reading a book or my favourite magazine, taking a relaxing soak with a lush bath bomb and a face mask or sitting in bed watching YouTube videos with a mug of hot chocolate. Whatever it is you enjoy doing in your spare time, just ensure you give yourself a well deserved touch of relaxation in the evening. 

I hope that these tips helped you, you really do deserve a break after all that hard revision - try not to be so hard on yourself! If you're currently sitting your exams this month, I'm wishing you the best of luck - I'm sure you'll all smash it and get the grades that you deserve.  Just remember to stay focused, be confident in yourself, take some time to breathe and you'll be just be fine, I'm sure!
Until next time,

When does your summer break begin?!
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The Summer Dress Edit

In association with The Hut

The Hut offer a range of popular brands including Adidas, Hunter, Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Kors; offering everything you need from clothes to haircare to beauty. In today's post I've created a roundup of my favourite summer dresses from the site, dresses are simply perfect for all you lazy summer girls out there! Throw one on, adorn a few accessories and your outfit is complete, here are a few I am currently lusting after... 

1. MinkPink 'African Trance' swing dress £58.00 | here
Swing dresses can be so flattering and are definitely the most comfortable option if you plan to be spending your day eating a rather large meal. The African inspired print adds a tribal vibe to this piece, wear with a pair of brown ankle boots and if you're feeling extra daring layer with a leather jacket for a Western 'biker' edge. PS.. How pretty is the tassle detailing on the back?!

2. Vila strap dress £14.00 / here
In contrast with the previous dress, this simple piece can be dressed up or worn simply as it is for the perfect daytime or evening look. For some depth, add a belt around the waist or if there's a slight chill in the air pair with a cropped denim jacket for additional texture. Either way, you certainly won't run short of ideas on how to style and change up this beauty.

3. Vila spring strap dress £45.00 / here
Its pretty floral print makes this the perfect dress for the spring and summer season, the addition of the waist pleat flatters those with an hourglass figure; accentuating and drawing attention to the waistline. Pair with nude sandals and a waterfall cardigan for a relaxed yet feminine look.

4. Carhartt denim shirt dress £65.00 / here
This light wash cotton dress makes this the perfect lightweight dress for the summer. Channel your inner tomboy by pairing with Adidas superstars and a shirt tied around the waist. 

And because The Hut group are super generous, you can snag any of the above (or anything the site has to offer in fact!) with an extra 15% off your first order! Simply use the code NEWB15 at the checkout - happy spending!
Until next time,
Have you bought any new dresses recently?!

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Acne Busting Products

Now nearing the age of 20, I had hoped that my acne would have faded. My mum would always tell me it was just a teenage thing. Naturally I was growing up, my hormones were rife and ultimately I just hoped that I would have 'grown out' of my acne by now. Since being around the age of 12, I cannot remember what it feels like to have clear skin. I've always envied those girls who had a smooth makeup application, no bumps across their chin or forehead. Although my acne has never completely disappeared there are some products which do help to soothe any redness and maintain my acne to a minimum. Over the years I've tried countless products but I've realised the less I use the better. More products leads to blocked up pores and therefore more spots. Never a good idea. 

A skincare brand which I've always been able to trust growing up is Simple. The kind to skin moisturising face wash does exactly what it says on the tin. Leaves my skin feeling super soft and refreshed and as the brand prides itself on using no nasty chemicals within its products, this face wash helps to soothe my acne without feeling harsh on my sensitive skin. On days when I'm in need of a pamper and some serious skin tlc, I always reach for a good 'ole Lush face mask and this one in Mask of Magnaminty is an absolute dream. Not only is this self preserving (aka it lasts longer and doesn't need to be kept in the fridge!) this mask can also be used on both face and body, helping to combat against both back and face acne. Although I typically have oily to combination skin it has been on the drier side recently which is what I love so much about Lush face masks. They leave my skin feeling super soft afterwards and I can almost instantly see my blemishes have reduced both in size and in terms of redness. For a quick pick me up once a week this mask is perfect, I also find its minty fragrance to be super refreshing too! An overnight mask favourite of mine has to be Sudocrem as not only does this add moisture to my skin but it works wonders with reducing any visible redness to my blemishes. Whenever I apply this I always see a clear reduction in blemishes the following morning. A recent addition to my skincare routine has been the Derma Group acne ultra clear moisturising cream*. I have been applying this twice a day each day for the past month as my current moisturiser and to see results in the fairest possible way I haven't been applying any spot treatments overnight in addition to this moisturiser. This blends seamlessly into my skin and unlike most spot treatments which contribute to dry patches across the skin whilst drying out the spots, the acne ultra clear features all natural, non-greasy ingredients for a smooth and soft finish. Featuring beeswax and coconut oil to unclog pores, maintain the skin's natural moisture and provide a silky soft finish. After using this for the past month, although my acne hasn't cleared up there has been definite improvements in the size of my blemishes. The product does contain a mild aroma so if you aren't too keen on scented moisturisers then this may not be for you, this is something you can usually seem to expect with all natural ingredient based products. The team have kindly offered my readers 10% off the acne ultra clear which you can claim here
Moving onto beauty, although most people will advise that make-up isn't the best thing to be wearing when you're suffering with acne, for me personally it helps to boost my confidence and additionally dries out blemishes which ultimately contributes to them reducing in both size and redness. There are some beauty products however which are designed to contribute to fighting acne. The Dusty Girls Earth Cream, featuring nigella sativa oil and manuka tree leaf oil both known for their healing and restoring abilities. To see how the product applies to the skin you can read my full review here. Lastly, the Lush Jackie Oates colour supplement contains shea butter, honey and aloe vera to help hydrate and even out the skin tone. For a lightweight yet glowing coverage these two bases are definitely needed in any girl's makeup collection. 

I'm always on the lookout for new skincare products so please leave any recommendations for holy grails or products you're currently loving in the comments below! I've heard a lot of good things about facial mists recently, if you've ever tried one - Are they worth it?
Until next time,

What are your favourite products for fighting acne?

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Don't forget you can claim your free 10% off the acne ultra clear moisturising cream here


A Day By Blackpool Pier

During my short break from blogging, I visited Blackpool pier for the day to take some photographs for a university assignment which I thought I'd share with you all today to see a little taste of what I have been up too this past month. I had the worst luck in the world on this day. Well, for the morning I did at least anyway. My train was delayed by an hour and then once we arrived it became overcast and began to rain. Thankfully, by the day end of the day it brightened up and I was able to produce the photos I needed for my assignment, it almost looks as though I went on two different days haha! 

I opted to wear a pair of navy harem trousers from ASOS which are seriously the most comfortable things ever. Honestly, it feels as though I'm wearing my pyjamas outside yet it's acceptable and even fashionable. I'd seriously recommend snapping a pair of these up or something similar for travelling because they are ridiculously comfortable. I'm definitely on the lookout for a black pair this summer! Accompanied with a simple Topshop crop top with the prettiest lace black trim, Topshop snake print sneakers and my current new obsession; the prettiest floral bomber jacket from Zara. These are all items I purchased a while ago and so unfortunately I'm unable to link any of the above products. I've left some alternative suggestions below however.

Of course, I spent the day stuffing my face with the usual British tradition of fish and chips and the biggest ice cream I think I have ever seen. It was genuinely bigger than my head hahahaha! 

I've never shared a lifestyle day trip styled post before and so if this is something you enjoy reading and would like to see more of on my blog then please let me know in the comments below! Photography is one of my biggest passions and featuring a photographic travel section on my blog from now on is definitely something I am considering starting up! 
Until next time,

Have you travelled anywhere recently? Share your 2016 travel stories in the comments below!
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