Summer 2016 Getaway | Fashion Picks

Set the scene. You've been washed up on a desert island dressed head to toe in attire somewhat similar to that of Jane Porter. Except in this case there's no Tarzan to head to your rescue. Or so it seems.. Upon your arrival you stumble across a message in a bottle (Clichè much?!) encompassing a map of the island. After a long and tiring walk, you've made it to the other side of the island; into a town they call, 'Utopia'. A local resident greets you and offers you a clean change of clothes. You graciously accept this offer and so are directed towards a treasure chest located in the centre of the town. Inside the chest contains your dream desert island outfit. Watch this space Jane, the island is your runway..

Keep reading to discover my dream desert island outfit!


New In: Beauty Haul

Last week I headed to London for the weekend and after a long few months of saving and being on a beauty spending ban, the time had finally come for me to splurge! With trips to Westfield, Oxford St and Covent Garden you can hardly blame a girl for giving into temptation and treating myself to some new beauty goodness. Read on to discover what I bought... 


Packing For A Weekend Break | Tips

As exciting as packing for a trip away might be, alongside all of that excitement usually comes a tonne of stress. Particularly for shorter breaks I always have a bad habit of over packing. The weather has been extremely temperamental in England recently and for my trip to London tomorrow I have no idea whether I'll be dressing as though it's October or it really is July. And so the burning question on everyone's lips is.. jumpers or vests?! 


Happy 2nd Birthday Clarke Couture!

blog anniversary
blogging memories

Last Thursday (July 7th) marked my blog's second anniversary and in just the space of those two years it is overwhelming to me just how much has happened and just how much a little city girl like me has been able to achieve. Providing you all with weekly girly chats on make-up I'm currently loving, the latest fashion trends, my favourite yummy recipes, advice for when times are a little tough and sharing snippets of my day trips; my blog has progressed into my own personal online diary and I simply cannot imagine my life without it. 


July Goals

Happy 4th July to all of my American blogging babes! If you celebrate Independence day, be sure to let me know in the comments below what you got up to today! Isn't my patriarchal lolly the cutest thing?! Although it will probably take me a good week to get through - It's huge! Now, swiftly moving on with the topic of today's post...

Recently I have been suffering from a serious case of the blogger blues. Throughout March and April I took a pretty long break out away from blogging in order to focus on my final few weeks at university (My first year is all complete, woo!) and I was hoping in May once I had finished I would have suddenly found my motivation for blogging and just get straight back into my routine again. Unfortunately it didn't happen. 
It strangely felt like I had just forgotten how to blog. I was so out of practice with the whole scheme of things that it felt like a chore to get back into it again but with my second year anniversary coming up this Thursday (July 7th!) I feel like now is the perfect time to officially return into the swing of things again. To help me along my way, I thought I would share with you all a list of some personal blogging goals of mine; a few things for me to aim for in order to regain my long lost love and drive for the world of blogging.



Having been lucky enough to work with luxury fashion e-tailer Far Fetch (Far Fetch is home to more than 400 independent designer boutiques and global brands, which you can shop to your heart's content!) on several occasions, I was delighted to hear they have now become an official partner of the British Fashion Council trust. If you're unaware of what the BFC trust is, it's a charitable organisation offering opportunities to up and coming budding designers hoping to make a name for themselves within the fashion industry. Founded in early 2011 by co-chairs Tania Fares and Kim Hersov, alongside the Fashion Trust Committee the organisation provides hopeful designers with business support through mentoring and financial awards to assist in the promotion of the art and business of fashion. 

This year alone, the trust has awarded grants totalling £350,000 to 12 lucky designers; some of whom you may already have even heard of! Those include Eudon Choi, Fyodor Golan, Gareth Pugh, Hillier Bartley, Holly Fulton, Huishan Zhang, Marques'Almeida, Palmer/Harding, Phoebe English, Prism, Reijina Pyo and Sibling. 
Previous recipients of the trust fund have used this to contribute towards the development of stores, website/e-commerce and the production of pre-collections.