The September Refresher

Making the most of your back to school season motivation.

back to school motivation all year round september

Generally I like to view September as quite a positive month. There's a new lease of motivation lingering the air as the back to school season brings both a fresh start and a chance to renew our goals for the next academic year. I always return to school/college/university with an extremely positive attitude and a genuine excitement towards studying and starting again by learning something new. 


How To Bounce Back After A Set Back

With August being a month filled with results and a time where many of us (Those in the academic part of our lives especially!) are hoping to progress onto the next level of academic success come September; receiving a 'knock-back' or a result you aren't too happy with can leave many of us feeling extremely distressed and downhearted. Throughout the year, teachers often stress to us the importance of passing our exams and passing them well at that. It's lovely to see that our teachers have high hopes for us as students and want us to do well but I believe that it must also be stressed that it isn't the end of the world either. And so, if you're a little disappointed with your exam results this month or you've recently been knocked back by several job applications, I'm here to share with you today how you can bounce back after that set back. 

motivation after a setback


Coping With Bloggers' Block

When I first began blogging, I would never have thought that I would reach a point of 'boredom'. In fact, I wouldn't consider myself as being bored of blogging. Writing, fashion, beauty and photography are four of my biggest interests in life. I just became stuck in a rut. A continuous cycle whereby I began publishing the same style of posts month in, month out. Each season or annual event I would scroll back to what I had published on the same topic in the previous year. This usually then led to me recreating a similar style of post simply because I knew it had performed well in the previous year. I began to lack the creativity and imagination which I had when I first began blogging. There was no longer a buzz or excitement as from when I had once allowed my head to sit and think and buzz around with so many new post ideas. 

In its shorter version. What I'm trying to highlight here is once you have been blogging a number of years or maybe even months, it's okay to feel stumped when it comes to producing new ideas. It's also okay to rebuild upon old ideas. If you're currently feeling uninspired when it comes to blogging then read on for my top tips on how to defeat that dreaded bloggers' block. 


Online Fashion Summer Sale Picks

I can never resist a good bargain and those e-mails of all the online summer sales which have bombarded my inbox lately, really have caused some damage to my bank account. This year's summer sales have impressed me like no other and with a flight booked 3 weeks from now I was definitely in need of a last minute holiday shop. Carry on reading to discover my must have summer sale picks this season.


Trend Report | Pre-Fall 2016

As we enter into August and you're trying to savour every last second of sunshine and your favourite summer sandals, fashion has got its mindset on the season ahead. As we look back at this year's A/W 2016 catwalk shows we are now able to see which trends will be coming to life and entering into your wardrobe this upcoming season. I've whittled down the pages of fashion's favourite highlights as featured within Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire to create your ultimate pre-fall fashion survival guide. Get ready to delve back into eighties glamour (Thank you Hedi Slimane), indulge yourself in an array of velvet attire and don't throw away your bomber just yet - It's receiving an embroidered overhaul! This is Autumn/Winter 2016. This is fashion.