Fitness | Post Summer Motivation

'Bikini body' season is over. Alas, all hail sweater weather season! The time of year where all of our woolly, oversized knits make their way to the front of our wardrobes after being tucked away for the best part of a year. The time of year where tight clothing is a thing of the past. My body is able to enter into hibernation mode until next summer and I no longer need to worry about how many rolls my stomach can produce when sat down as they are safely tucked and hidden away behind my oversized, knitted jumper. 

I think it's safe to say that autumn/winter is the time of year when people begin to become complacent and lazy in regards to fitness. Fitness shouldn't have to be about 'bikini body' season. It should be about doing it for yourself. Keeping yourself in shape because being healthy makes you feel good on both the inside and outside. 
Read on to discover how you can beat the winter fitness blues...

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Let's Talk Femcare

In association with Veeda

Feminine care and sexual health are hands down two of the most taboo viewed topics in the world of blogging and social media today. Even in day to day life I feel it's an issue which I need to keep discreet. We say "It's my time of the month." or "I'm on.." God forbid if we were to turn around and publicly announce "Sorry I'm feeling a little unwell, I'm on my period."


My First Flying Experience

Hello, my name is Toni and I am 19 years old. Almost 20, in fact. And as hard as it may be to believe, I really did only experience my first ever flight this past month. And this is that story, of my very first experience...


DIY Polaroid Notice Board

In association with Ocean Finance & John Lewis

This summer, John Lewis and Ocean Finance challenged me to get snap happy and save memories of the world around me using the power of the polaroid. With back to school season in full swing I decided to add a personal touch to this DIY cork board, showcasing a few of my memories from summer 2016 whilst moving forward into the latter part of this year. Want one for your own office?! Then here's what you need to do:


Make-Up For On The Go

When searching for beauty products, the ultimate goal is to discover something that not only works well but lasts well too. Staying power is super important to me as a consumer. It would be completely pointless to spend £50 on a foundation that by midday has become patchy and melted halfway down my face. For those unfortunate incidents where your make-up is looking a little lack lustre by 4pm, these are the products that have got you covered...


Why It's Okay To Not Live In Student Halls

September marks the beginning of my second year at university. When I get asked which university I'm attending, people often find it odd that I stayed in my hometown. University for many is a time to spread your wings and leave the nest as you begin to develop your independence and venture out into the adult world. Which I can completely understand. But it's when people tell me that because I am living at home that must mean that I'm missing out on the complete university experience. And so, if like me you are beginning university this month and have chosen to stay at home; this is why it's okay not to live in student halls...